About me

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My love for cooking started early in my childhood as my mom’s kitchen helper making homemade spinach ravioli or a healthy Argentine weekday meal. As an Italian Argentine family, food is the way to welcome others into our home and share our love and friendship.  At a young age I learned that the freshest ingredients will not only taste great, but will be the most nourishing.  I am now passing on that tradition to my children by educating and encouraging them to to make healthy choices daily.

I’m a wife to a super great guy and a mom to four amazing kids.  My family is the driving force behind my passion to bring nutritional knowledge to them and to all of you.

I believe that the way to a healthy body and mind is through whole and natural foods, while practicing balance and moderation.  Cooking with whole foods gives me control over ingredients and what goes into my recipes and my emphasis on ethnic dishes offer nutritional benefits through their unique spices, herbs, and ingredients.

Besides cooking, I enjoy yoga, walking, and hiking nearby trails of my home town in Idaho.  I love to draw and paint and I especially enjoy doing it with my girls. Watercolor is my favorite medium along with mixed media. Painting makes me happy and brightens my day.

My philosophy on cooking is that it doesn’t need to be complicated to be healthy and delicious, nor should it require hours in the kitchen.  As a mom of four kids with busy weeknights filled with homework and other activities, I need simple go-to recipes that are nourishing and quick.  Most of my recipes are gluten free because I have a gluten intolerance and because I feel it’s a healthier way to eat. The wheat we find in the grocery stores now is not the same wheat that our grandparents ate.  Everything is so processed these days and I want my family to eat as close to the source as possible.  Some of my favorite foods are simple and don’t even require cooking, like a fresh tomato from my garden with some chopped fresh basil leaves and a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

The world has provided us with such a rainbow of fruits, vegetables, grains, and spices readily available at our local supermarket.  Cooking food from another culture will not only broaden your horizons but can improve your health! Let’s do this together!

Join me.

Mangia! Vamos a comer!